A picture of a film production crew in a outdoor scene of a video production.A group of people at the Tomorrowland Sound of Tomorrow Pepsi stage for brand activation work.A child who is the actress for a kid commercial filmed with a green screen background that is made by creative ageny Bypicknick in Belgium.A picture of a camera operator who's filming the belgian army in Koksijde.


We are a creative network that collaborates with your brand throughout the full process, from designing a unique creative concept to strategically launching for maximum impact. Bypicknick skyrockets your marketing and advertising through breathtaking branding, design, and eye-catching creative content that drive higher conversions.

SINCE 2010

Nick Seys, the founder, and CEO, launched Pick-Nick in 2014 as a full-service video production company. However, his natural inclination toward branding and marketing led the business to develop into one of Belgium's most well-known creative agencies. The business re-branded to become Bypicknick, offering several new services and enhanced versions of existing services.


Based on the breathtaking Belgian coast, our location breathes real freshness into everything we do. Our collaboration process is built around original approaches, insightfully creative concepts, designing with purpose, and launching with impact. By combining tailored content, strategy and marketing with data science, and mouth-watering design, we deliver a unique experience that enhances conversion rates, improves loyalty, and delivers a better customer experience.

Who exactly is your audience and how can we effectively talk to them? No matter the brief, our signature style will make its mark. We love what we do and our enthusiasm is contagious - it's reflected in the work we do for our clients.


We’d like to invite you to get to know us at our studio, whether for dinner, coffee or just a meeting with a view. Our classic coastal location inspires our work. We know that each client who walks through the door is just as unique as each wave washing onto the sands, so we take pride in crafting one-of-a-kind concepts from the ground up.