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What is Brand

Brand management is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses manage and maintain their brand image across all touchpoints, both online and offline.
This is where Creative Agency Bypicknick comes in.

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and impactful

We conduct in-depth brand research to help businesses make informed decisions about their brand image, marketing strategy, and target audience. We provide ongoing support and make sure that your brand image remains consistent. Our dedicated designers create new graphics and engaging content, that generates leads and increase sales through targeted campaigns.

A still from a corporate video production made by creative agency BypicknickA truck riding for a corporate video production for Colruyt Group in Belgium

Why brand management?

Brand management drives your business growth by differentiating from competitors and creating a strong, recognizable brand presence.

brand management services

strategic consultancy

Providing expert advice and guidance on the development and implementation of a brand management strategy. This includes analyzing market trends, identifying opportunities for growth, and creating a plan to achieve business goals.

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brand research

Conducting market research to gain insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and perceptions of a brand. This helps to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for differentiation.

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creative projects

Developing and executing creative projects such as redesigning a logo, creating a new tagline, or launching a new advertising campaign. These projects help to refresh and modernize a brand's image and messaging.

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brand retainers

Providing ongoing support and guidance to maintain and improve a brand's image and reputation over time. This includes regular check-ins, updates on market trends, and recommendations for new creative projects.

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dedicated designer

Assigning a dedicated designer to work on the brand's visual identity and elements such as logo, color palette, typography, and other graphic elements.

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creative content

Developing unique and compelling visual content that stands out from the competition and helps businesses establish their brand identity.

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Creative Agency Bypicknick

We help businesses effectively reach their target audience and achieve their goals. Let us help you develop your next step and establish a strong online presence.

Whether for establishing a strong brand image, connecting with your target audience, or increasing sales, we at Bypicknick provide a range of brand management services to meet your needs.