Motion graphics

A kid who's entering a pink world, motion graphics created by Creative Agency Bypicknick

What are
motion graphics?

Once upon a time, in the world of marketing and advertising, there was a powerful tool known as motion graphics. This tool allowed brands to bring their messages to life in a dynamic and visually engaging way, making it easier to grab the attention of their target audience.

from vision
to screen

At Bypicknick, we bring messages and illustrations to life with our expertise in motion graphics. Our skilled team creates dynamic 2D and 3D animations, eye-catching visual effects, and lively characters and objects for TV, films, commercials, online videos, digital displays, and interactive presentations.

A visual effect of a logo, the city of Veurne, printed in a farmers field. created by Creative agency Bypicknick.a 2d animation of a glow in the dark print collection of a toy brand in Belgium

visual content

Bypicknick's motion design expertise helps businesses capture the attention of their audiences, create a memorable visual identity, increase conversion rates, enhance user experience, and provide a cost-effective way to communicate their message through dynamic motion graphics and increase brand awareness and engagement.

tailored services

discovery & screenwriting

Understanding the client's goals and target audience, and creating a concept and script that aligns with their message and objectives.

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Developing a visual representation of the script to guide the production process.

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moodboard & storyboard

A moodboard is a collection of visual elements that represent the overall feel of a project, while a storyboard is a visual representation of the project's narrative. Together, they provide a clear visual guide for the project's direction and goals.

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design & illustrations

Creating illustrations and designs for the animation.

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character design

Designing and developing characters for the animation.

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motion graphics

The use of animation, typography, and visual effects to create dynamic and engaging visual content. This can include anything from animated logos and product demos to explainer videos and marketing campaigns.

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Using animation to bring objects and environments to life, and tell stories in a visually engaging way.

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2d animation

Creating animation using traditional 2D animation techniques

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3d animation

Creating animation using 3D technology, which allows for more realistic and dynamic movements and environments.

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Visual effects are used to create realistic environments, practical effects, and other elements that would be difficult or impossible to capture in-camera.

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Creating visually engaging web content that captures the attention of visitors and provides a seamless user experience.

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creative content

Developing unique and compelling visual content that stands out from the competition and helps businesses establish their brand identity.

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social media content

Creating visually engaging social media content that captures the attention of users and drives engagement.

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visuals for webinars

Creating engaging visuals for webinars to enhance the overall experience for attendees and increase engagement.

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Developing unique and compelling visual content that stands out from the competition and helps businesses establish their brand identity.

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