Radio interview with Nick Seys

February 5, 2023
Veurne, BE

Radio interview with founder Nick Seys, Creative Agency Bypicknick

Meet Nick Seys, the founder and creative force behind Bypicknick, a branding, design, and communication agency based in De Panne, Belgium. As an expert in his field, Nick has worked with a diverse range of clients, from small start-ups to large corporations, helping them stand out and connect with their audiences through effective branding, design and communication.

But Nick's impact on the community doesn't stop there. Last summer, he and his team at Bypicknick had the opportunity to work on a unique summer project in the city of Veurne. Together with 'Blokbusters', a socio-interactive radio and web television show, they traveled to the city of Veurne, listening to the community and tailoring the show to the area. The project Zoveel Veurne was an opportunity for Bypicknick to give back to the community and bring culture, education, and connection to the people.

Nick also revealed his future plans for Bypicknick. He aims to explore new horizons and broaden the scope of their services, including the possibility of adding casting to their current services. Nick's dedication to his craft and his community is an inspiration and we're excited to see what the future holds for Bypicknick and the impact they will have on the community in the years to come.

A drone shot from Grote Markt, Stad Veurne in Belgium
Grote Markt Veurne - Christmas Village - Stad Veurne©

Blokbusters with Jits Van Belle and Griet Dobbelaere

Meet Jits Van Belle and Griet Dobbelaere, the dynamic duo behind the microphone of the popular radio show 'Blokbusters'. Jits and Griet will be discussing Nick's background, his work with the community of Veurne, and his vision for 2023.

Jist Van Belle and Griet Dobbelaere Radio Interview
Griet Dobbelaere (on the left) and Jits Van Belle (on the right) - Stad Veurne©

Blokbusters: Good morning! Nice to meet you! Introduce yourself Nick.
Nick Seys: Goodmorning, my name is Nick Seys, 30 years old and born in Veurne. I am the founder and creative brain behind the branding, design, and communication agency Bypicknick from De Panne. We have been able to produce some video productions for the City of Veurne.

Blokbusters: I have read that you allready made 2 city films for the city of Veurne?

Nick Seys: Yes, that's correct.

Blokbusters: Tell us about what exactly a city film is?

Nick Seys: We started by creating a schedule to highlight the summer activities of Veurne and to capture them in a creative way. The production ran from August of last year, starting with the famous Boeteprocessie, to September with 'Veurne La Fête' on the Grote Markt. In addition, we discovered the city and its neighborhoods by bike, on foot and by car, because Veurne is quite extensive and we wanted to capture the hidden gems of the city and its neighborhoods on camera. Afterwards, we wanted to develop a comprehensive production based on a creative touch, so that viewers could really absorb the images in our production. We wanted the residents of Veurne to be proud of their city, and it was an honor to be able to perform this video production for the City of Veurne as someone from the same area.

Blokbusters: Where can people watch these video productions?

Nick Seys: The video productions are posted on the official website of the City of Veurne and on our own website. We also regularly send our projects to different award shows and online competitions in the creative sector. We are proud to announce that we have won 2 platinum awards in America that were chosen from 14,000 submissions. Winning a 2022 Platinum Marcom Award and a 2022 Platinum Viddy Award in America for a production from Belgium gives a real sense of satisfaction.

The reactions were very positive about Zoveel Veurne. Many residents congratulated me on capturing their city so beautifully. People told me they had discovered new and interesting places through our video. Everyone was proud to be a resident of Veurne, and we could see this reflected in the online reactions.

Blokbusters: What is your website?

Nick Seys: That is

Nick Seys, founder of Creative Agency Bypicknick from De Panne in Belgium
Nick Seys talking about his project 'Zoveel Veurne' with Jits Van Belle and Griet Dobbelaere - Stad Veurne©

Blokbusters: A bit of advertisement is allowed Nick. Are there any new plans?

Nick Seys: Indeed (laughs). Well, we are now working on capturing the winter program of the City of Veurne with its many winter activities until about February. Hopefully, it will snow so that we can capture those typical winter images, but we fear that is unlikely (laughs).

Blokbusters: You speak in the "we" form? Who are your colleagues?

Nick Seys: We work closely with a network of freelancers in the creative sector. I always take the lead and also act as the point of contact between companies and brands and the market we engage when the project leans towards it. This ranges from photographers, motion designers, to voice-overs, videographers, graphic designers and marketing strategists, and so many more.

Blokbusters: Are there ambitions to do other things in that world?

Nick Seys: Yes, indeed, we are in the starting blocks to add casting for adults, teens and kids to our current services. Because my partner and I noticed that we often had the same vision of seeing the potential in people whom we simply pass by or get to know, who could be eligible to be a model, commercial model, production host and so on.

Blokbusters: Do you want to coach people in that?

Nick Seys: Yes, indeed.

Blokbusters: Is that your dream?

Nick Seys: Yes, indeed.

Blokbusters: Is that also your intention?

Nick Seys: Actually, yes! Everyone can just be themselves in 2023. You can be who you are and be proud of it.

Nick Seys, founder Creative Agency Bypicknick from De Panne in Belgium
Nick Seys, founder creative agency Bypicknick- Stad Veurne©

Blokbusters: Wow, that's a nice gesture. Tell me, Nick, what don't you want to experience in 2023?

Nick Seys: Feeling like you are still hitting a wall of some restrictions due to COVID, and after the difficult years in our sector. We still feel it hanging but there is a new energy that makes us 100% committed for 2023.

Blokbusters: A lot of desire and freedom. I really wish that for you, Nick. Do you have a song request for us?

Nick Seys: I would like to request Dennis Cartier's 'Coffee In The Morning.'

Dennis Parmentier is a good friend of mine for 10 years. Dennis was also one of my first customers when we started the creative agency Bypicknick in 2014. Dennis Cartier plays around the world from Tomorrowland to India, supported by Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Fedde Le Grand. We want to support him with his new release on February 2nd and his album 'Passion,' of which we have chosen 'Coffee In The Morning' to premiere on the Grote Markt in Veurne.

Blokbusters: Fantastic! Thank you Nick!

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Nick Seys, Founder Creative Agency Belgium

Nick Seys

Creative Agency Bypicknick
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