Telenet - Urban video commercial post-production services in Belgium

Bypicknick post-edited an urban video commercial to promote further Telenet events in Brussels.

Telenet is a household name in Belgium, powering laptops, phones, and TVs up and down the country with its all-in-one YUGO package.

In September 2020, the brand teamed up with Brussels-based non-profits We Love BXL and Volta to host Belgium's first Corona-proof concert. Open-air, drive-in, and live, the Telenet Yugo Drive-Through concert was a breakthrough moment.

Telenet Yugo Drive Through concert with 22heures30, a young female DJ coming straight from Brussels. Part of the official DJ team of radio station NRJ Belgium, performed in the most famous places in Belgium and Switzerland and worked with several artists, and had the opportunity to do the first concert parts for ICO, Ikaz Boi, 13block and more.

Winner of the Red Bull Elektropedia awards for best upcoming urban artist: Blu Samu awards for the best upcoming urban artist: DJ Loumana by her side.

A national milestone featuring high-octane action on stage, a complex technical setup, and strictly good vibes only. Right up Bypicknick's street.

Bypicknick's newest member Diedrik was the man behind the magic for this project, expertly overseeing the event's technical video productionDesigning the live stream set up for the concert from A to Z, Diedrik ran a team of camera operators and supplied the specialist hardware required. 

At Bypicknick, we know that you just need the right creative spark to make it happen.

So Prismax build a Zoom server to enable every single car to stream a live iPad feed onto a giant LED screen the entire audience could see. From drive-in to drive-out, John&Jane deftly mixed the lights channels to keep the crowd entertained, hour after hour. To follow up, Bypicknick post-edited the live stream to create an immersive, distinctly urban 1 minute commercial for promoting further events.

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Client Quotes

“This is it!" - Butik Antwerp


Technical production: DVH Productions

Cam operator 1: Jef Callens

Cam operator 2: Cyriel Van Steen

Cam operator 3: Tim Strauwen

Official Website Telenet