Zoveel Veurne Winter

Winter Campaign 'Zoveel Veurne'

Stad Veurne is joining winter by creating a winter campaign Zoveel Veurne

Bypicknick, a creative agency, was approached by the communication department of Stad Veurne to produce a winter edition of their "Zoveel Veurne" campaign. The project aimed to showcase the winter activities and experiences in and around the city of Veurne. Bypicknick collaborated with the director of the communication department, Tom Van Rompaey, to create a visually stunning and informative video that highlighted the winter festivities in Veurne.

Scope of the Project

The project aimed to capture the winter activities and experiences in Veurne. The video was filmed in various areas of the city, including the city center, residential care center 'Ter Linden,' and the Christmas house. The project was focused on filming the following winter activities:

Halloween in Veurne

Halloween event in the city center that included an interactive walk with magicians, art, decoration, and scary attributes that were child-proof.

Torchlight Procession and Candlemas

The official Torchlight Procession that explained what happened in World War 2 with the city of Veurne on November 11th. Participants listened to war stories from their own region with torches in hand during the theater walk. The traditional Candlemas celebration that is observed on February 2nd, 40 days after the birth of Jesus. People lighted candles and walked from Veurne to Koksijde (5,7km) to bring the light from city to city.

Saint Nicholas & Sint-Maarten in Veurne

The celebration of Sint-Maarten, which is observed on November 11th. This day marks the burial of Sint Maarten, who was famous for taking good care of the poor people. Bypicknick captured also the feast day of Saint Nicholas, which falls within the season of Advent, on December 6th.

Toeren&Loeren - Arts Promenade

The annual arts promenade 'Toeren&Loeren' During this walking trail, people enter the Veurnse living rooms, art galleries, or various public places such as the residential care center 'Ter Linden' to admire art.

Santa Claus, Christmas house, market and Christmas activities

The Santa Claus of Veurne, who visited the city from noon till evening. Kids got a present from Santa Claus after taking pictures with him. The Christmas house, which was decorated in rustic and old architecture and had a big table with chairs for the elves, a room full of presents, and a room where Santa slept. Visitors could also visit the Christmas forest with 170 trees, a winter bar, and a 25-meter-long mega slide for kids called the 'Mont Furnois' on the grote markt.

New Year's Reception

The official New Year's Reception for all habitants of Veurne. The city provided one free drink and a meal, dessert, and a snack to all habitants who signed them in. There were 1,800 habitants at this event, which also featured a live radio session by 'Jits Van Belle' and 'Griet Dobbelaere' with the program 'Blokbusters' organized by 'CirQ.'

Our Approach

To capture these winter events, Bypicknick used a variety of filming techniques, including time-lapse, slow-motion, and aerial shots. The agency also interviewed locals and visitors to get their perspectives on the winter festivities. In post-production, the team edited the footage to create a visually stunning and informative video that showcased the best of Veurne's winter experiences.


Bypicknick's winter edition of the "Zoveel Veurne" campaign was a great success. The agency's collaboration with the Stad Veurne communication department resulted in a visually stunning and informative video that showcased the best of Veurne's winter experiences. The project's success demonstrated Bypicknick's expertise in creating engaging and informative videos that effectively promote tourism and events.

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Client Quotes

“Our movie 'Zoveel Veurne Winter' is just stunning." Tom Van Rompaey - Head of communication Stad Veurne.