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Behind-the-scenes: Jeune Premier Photoshoot in Ostend, Belgium.

Go behind the scenes of the iconic Jeune Premier campaign to take a look at their newest collection of trendy school bags. A fellow coast-based brand, Jeune Premier designs high-end children’s book bags. Born of founder Hélène Fransen’s struggle to find a school bag she wanted to buy for her son, the brand’s now known around the globe and has taken China and Japan by storm. The Jeune Premier team was looking to promote the launch of its new collection, so requested a behind-the-scenes video of the collection photoshoot. Jeune Premier styles itself as bringing the runway to the playground, making high fashion fun. So, Bypicknick rode that wave. Kooky, vibrant, detail-driven, and classy, the style of the behind-the-scenes video seamlessly evokes the brand itself.

How to hype a new collection in the fashion industry?

Bypicknick created a how-to explainer video to showcase the bags’ design features for the brand’s international audience. To wrap up, Bypicknick devised funky, retro teaser videos for a social media campaign to promote the new collection, featuring the kids calling each other to spread the in-crowd news.

"The Coolest Back To School Brand!"

"From Paris to Seoul, Jeune Premier is currently the coolest Back To School brand!" was the headline of a newspaper article in De Tijd. The label: Jeune Premier. Hélène Fransen designed the first model at her kitchen table in Ostend because she did not find her taste in the market offer for her son Ralph. That was in 2012. The following school year, the company sold more than 100,000 school bags. Children love colors, but parents prefer quality. And so did Hélène Fransen and her husband Bruno Piers, who motivated her to further commercialize her designs.

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Client Quotes

“Looking fabulous! Thank you for all the work, we appreciated it! Our new collection has already started with a good sale." - Caroline Vanleke - Marketing manager Jeune Premier

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