Artwork, illustrations
and motion graphics

An illustration of a stage design, music festival in Koksijde created by Creative Agency Bypicknick

turn ideas into wonders

Have you ever stumbled upon a website or social media post that immediately caught your attention?
Chances are, it was the combination of stunning artwork, mouth-watering illustrations, and captivating motion graphics that drew you in.

Illustration, artwork, and motion graphics have become essential parts of modern visual communication. These art forms are used in a variety of contexts, from advertising and marketing to product design, entertainment, and education.

from concept to conversion

Whether you're starting from a blank canvas or enhancing an existing brand, our team of experts combines their artistic talent and technical expertise to craft visually stunning and impactful artwork, illustrations, and motion graphics that will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

A billboard illustration design that Bypicknick made for the shopfront of Huyze Velghe in Kokijde, BelgiumAn grain icon made for a illustration design for a artisan house in Koksijde, Belgium.

Brand awareness or emotional engagement?

Our skilled team of experts excels in bringing ideas to life through artwork, illustration, and motion graphics. From concept development to final animation, we refresh and revitalize your brand's image and messaging to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

visually impactful services

concept art

The creation of visual concepts and sketches that explore different ideas and styles for a brand or project.

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creative illustrations

The use of illustrations to communicate a brand's message and identity in a unique and engaging way.

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creative redrawing

The process of improving or updating existing artwork to align with a brand's visual identity and guidelines.

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art corection

The process of fixing errors or inconsistencies in artwork to ensure it meets the required standards.

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image resizing

The process of adjusting the size of an image to meet specific requirements.

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image restoration

The process of repairing or restoring damaged or degraded images to improve their appearance.

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image retouching

The process of adjusting and enhancing images to improve their overall quality and visual appeal.

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moodboard & storyboard

The creation of visual moodboards and storyboards to explore and communicate the visual direction and style of a brand or project.

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2d and 3d animation

The use of animation to bring a brand's message and identity to life in a dynamic and engaging way.

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The creation of visual and written content for a brand's website.

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creative content

The development of visual and written content that supports a brand's message and identity in a unique and engaging way.

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social media content

The creation of visual and written content for a brand's social media channels.

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for webinars

The unique personality and tone of a brand's communications.The creation of visual aids and graphics for use in webinars and online presentations.

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motion graphics

The development of written, visual, and audio content to support a brand's message and identity.

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Allowing businesses to communicate their message in a way that is both engaging and effective with high-end video productions.

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Our creative and experienced team will help your brand navigate the sea of storytelling and create a wave of visually stunning artwork, illustrations, and motion graphics that will make your brand stand out.