Domein Westhoek Blond Beer

Hotel Domein Westhoek - Packaging for hospitality services in Flanders.

The Domein Westhoek - Blond beer was born in 2020 by the action of the manager of Domein Westhoek. The goal was to translate their vision into a brand language. An original language with one goal: to be authentic, the ingredient of Domein Weshoek beer. No mass production and a will to surprise their guests.

Hotel Domein Westhoek Oostduinkerke. A blond beer packaging design

A family-friendly, modern vibe, located in a dune area makes Domein Westhoek Hotel & Residences both a unique and perfect fit amid the picturesque coast side of Belgium. We've created the brand concept, identity, experience, and several of video commercials. Curious about how we could brand your beer? Get in touch! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Client Quotes

“Top of the line” Marleen Menten, manager Hotel Domein Westhoek