Domein Westhoek

Hotel Domein Westhoek Oostduinkerke - How to rebrand a hospitality service?

Brand Strategy, Rebranding, Content, and Social Media Marketing

A family-friendly, modern vibe, located in a dune area makes Domein Westhoek - Hotel & Residences both a unique and perfect fit amid the picturesque coast side of Belgium in Koksijde.
Domein Westhoek repositioning entails an inspired vision and a well-defined brand marketing strategy. We make sure that the repositioning will lead to an improvement in operations. Bypicknick's resources bring together all the required pieces of a hotel rebranding with a focus on creating creative content and social media marketing together with print and branding materials such as writing instruments, business cards, custom hotel room supplies, and workwear.

Brand Packaging Design and Marketing Materials for a Coastal Brewed Beer Brand

Domein Westhoek also brewed a full-bodied blond beer with a fresh touch together with Bypicknick to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Enjoy the sunset or seek peace in the charming Hotel Domein Westhoek in Oostduinkerke with a matching beer. Surprise family and friends at home with a delicious coastal brewed beer when visiting Hotel Domein Westhoek.

High Quality Video Productions in Flanders

Hotel and hospitality businesses are increasingly turning to video to tell their stories, showcase assets, and share their expertise. As a result, hoteliers are also waking up to the fact that video content has the power to dramatically affect audience engagement and user retention. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, or an ambitious individual, you should be aware that a professional and appealing video can help boost your social proof, authority, and image. We have created high-end video productions for many companies that have realized the importance of professional video productions to their business or social media strategy.

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Client Quotes

“Top of the line” Marleen Menten, manager Hotel Domein Westhoek