Bypicknick - Automotive & lifestyle video production partner for DePanne4Cars

This automotive & lifestyle family event is a unique combination of oldtimers & Land Rover Defenders on the beach of De Panne.
Watch the rally for oldtimers & Defenders with various side activities that take place with a panoramic view. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere of the past with unique vintage cars during the DePanne4Cars or experience an adventurous ride with the Defender on one of the 4x4 courses… In short: discover, experience, and enjoy in De Panne, Belgium.

They offer you as a pilot and co-pilot a unique day with your car. In an atmosphere that we can best describe as “Cool Elegance & Casual Chic”. Dressed up with the DP4C Jacket and after a delicious breakfast, the pilots start their attractive roadbook through various beautiful surroundings the coast and the hinterland offer us. The Defenders and oldtimers will be surprised with challenging off-road courses and parcours during their roadbook. Together we enjoy a splendid “Pilots & Co-pilots Only” walking dinner in a full “Ride to Happiness” by Tomorrowland atmosphere. Experience a spectacular ride with the latest Defenders, oldtimer Ferrari, oldtimer Porsche, luxury Rolls Royce, and Bentley, or the nostalgic oldtimer Fiat 500 in the weekend of DePanne4Cars. The complete program for the DP4C participants can be found on their website.

Bypicknick is a proud video partner for De Panne 4 Cars since 2018

Since 2018 Bypicknick has been the trusted video production company for DePanne4Cars. For this event, we create every year the official after-movie and video content for web and social media. We exclusively use live-action footage capturing an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the whole event. Our footage provides an immersive experience with wide shots from our industry-leading drones to closeups of the cars and their owners.

Creative Agency - Bypicknick offers high-quality content for the automotive industry, lifestyle brands, and more.

Bypicknick works together with experienced and creative people to take care of an extensive range of content for your promo film, event film, product film, or after movie. We capture all the highlights that will not soon be forgotten. All videos are recorded in 6K or more for a clear, sharp image that ensures quality digital content for your customer, client, or followers on social media - spreading the word about your event.

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Client Quotes

“Thanks to Bypicknick, we are able to gain real-time visibility. Amazing work!" Klaas Van Laeren - Founder DePanne4Cars.