Dierendonck Oedslach

Dierendonck Butchery - Mouth-watering publicity campaign for dry-aged beef

Straight from the butcher to the table at Michelin-star Dierendonck restaurant Carcasse in Koksijde: Oedslach® dry-aged beef by Dierendonck.

The Dierendonck butchery operates 6 ateliers across Belgium, introducing pioneering techniques and flavors to the artisan craft prized by the Dierendonck family for generations.
As well as supplying its meat to high-end chefs across Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands, the brand runs its own Michelin Star restaurant, Carcasse.

Bypicknick worked with Hendrik Dierendonck, owner of the brand, to promote the Oedslach® dry-aged beef. Our team knew the only way to embody Hendrik's true craftsmanship and steel-sharp expertise on screen was by filming right from farm to table.

A 1-minute video commercial carries the viewer through the full artisanal process, from Hendrik hand-feeding his herd in the lush Belgian countryside to Michelin guide, hause cuisine, dining at Carcasse. It's a bold, groundbreaking step in the brand's publicity, showing the undeniable quality of its meat in intimate, visceral detail.

Bypicknick's video commercial launched the Oedslach® publicity campaign on the largest national stage in the sector: Ghent Horeca Expo, which saw over 50.000 visitors each day for 5 days in a row. Looping on repeat at the Dierendonck stand, the commercial drew in salivating crowds to taste premium Oedslach® cuts.

A publicity campaign for meat lovers

Bypicknick also created 3 teaser videos, editing 20-second excerpts from the main commercial reel. These visuals comprised the social media campaign for launching Oedslach®, generating Dierendonck's greatest exposure to date. The 4 videos have also been featured across Dierendonck's own-brand webshop, as well as the websites and social media channels of sellers, servers, and various online retailers of Dierendonck meat.

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Client Quotes

“Commercial success!" - Hendrik Dierendonck - Butchery Dierendonck


Art director: Gazeuse