Feestcomité Adinkerke

Feestcomité Adinkerke - Marketing strategy and materials created in Flanders

They party, celebrate, commemorate and help the habitants of Adinkerke since 1945. The committee has existed for many years and there was a need for some rejuvenation and modernization. We've made some shifts and tried to keep the traditions alive but with a contemporary twist. The committee is fully involved in every activity like relationship events and community events, conferences and knowledge events, trade fairs, and company parties in De Panne and Adinkerke.

Custom-made pins to celebrate

Bypicknick crafted a visible yet soft-looking pin of the organization to use at internal and external events.

A bold, fresh brand visual identity for Feestcomité Adinkerke

We designed a simple yet powerful visual identity for Feestcomité Adinkerke that communicates the brand’s essence. At Bypicknick we give the extra spark that will boost brand recognition, engagement, and trust.

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Client Quotes

“Lovely results!" - Representative Willy Vandevoorde.