Bypicknick's Branded Content for Internationally Recognized Toy Storage Brand - Play&Go®

International recognized toy storage brand Play&Go® is a firm feature on Bypicknick's client roster. Sold in more than 40 countries, Play&Go designs easy-to-use, portable toy storage solutions to keep smiles on the faces of kids and parents alike.

Various collaborations have seen Bypicknick create a series of videos for Play&Go®, all meticulously crafted to artfully convey the brand's philosophy.

Outdoor Collection

For the outdoor collection, grainy, dated-look shots blend with fresh, modern cuts, evoking comforting nostalgia for grandparents while piquing kids' interest.

Original Collection

For the original collection, perfectly-pitched close-ups capture the product's core appeal: far from simple storage, they're for playing with, too. From playable train track prints to color-in outlines and glow-in-the-dark details, it's all packed up in one pull of the cord. Bypicknick takes that pitch and makes it visual.

Baby Soft Collection 

With the baby soft collection, Bypicknick's high-sensory shots focus on the pure quality of the materials. Here, the video's creative concept speaks for itself: soft, safe and practical, the mats are a newborn parenting dream.

Sophie La Girafe® x Play&Go®

To showcase Play&Go® collaborations with other known and loved brands Sophie La Girafe® features the iconic giraffe teething toy that's been around since 1961.

Moulin Roty x Play&Go®

To showcase Play&Go® collaborations with other known and loved brands Moulin Roty features a bold, bright block colors that have characterized the brand for 45 years.

Walk In A Park & L.A. Roadmap Collection

For the Walk In A Park and L.A. Roadmap prints, Bypicknick joined forces with graphic design agency Miss Blush to bring the world of Play&Go® to life. In the resulting blends of real-time video, green screen antics, and artful animation, Play&Go® becomes every kid's dream.

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Client Quotes

“Bypicknick and his team are really dedicated and go the extra mile. They understand the philosophy of the brand and are open to new challenges. Don't hastitate to contact them - they're creative, hardworking and deliver on time." - Alain Puystiens - Brandmanager Play&Go®

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