Uitstekend Veurne


Strategy & Production

Stad Veurne - The official rebrand introduction with drone cinematography

Veurne, the town of monuments, has its origins at te end of the 9th century. Where now the City Park is located, a perfectly circular ring wall was built, within which the inhabitants of the area found protection against the invasions of the Vikings. That ring wall had 4 access roads that crossed each other exactly in the middle and were perpendicular to each other. Around the ring wall, Veurne grew in a circular street pattern into the city that connects us all, 8630! Avekapelle, Booitshoeke, Bulskamp, ​​De Moeren, Eggewaartskapelle, Houtem, Steenkerke, Vinkem, Wulveringem, Zoutenaaie ... Veurne.

The city of Veurne partners with Bypicknick for branded content success

Veurne, from Steenkerke to Houtem, to everywhere around and in between! Our video production crew knows this area like the back of their hands and we know that Veurne is one of a kind. With its amazing picturesque buildings, landmark attractions, community, and an unparalleled history as the nation’s “Boeteprocessie", Veurne is one of Belgium's most diverse cities.

Our strategy

Veurne's primary goal was to announce its new logo and brand identity with a storytelling rebrand introduction video. The official rebrand introduction for Stad Veurne Bypicknick wraps up the history of Veurne and aspects of the new, vibrant yet simplified visual design. Right up Bypicknick's street.

Drone Cinematography

We are always searching for the perfect angle to help tell your story. With our trained and licensed pilots, we have the skills to capture those cinematic shots that garnered sky-high levels of engagement. Together with our industry-leading drones, we captured the city of Veurne as never before.

Maud Vanhauwaert

Honorary citizen of the city of Veurne and award-winning Flemish poet and actress Maud Vanhauwaert collaborated with Stad Veurne as narrator for the official logo reveal video. With her performances, she appeared on radio and TV, nationally and abroad, from opera to sheepfold.

Regional Television Advertising

Bypicknick's city film launched the 'Uitstekend Veurne' publicity campaign and teaser for web and social media-friendly formats and repurposed the footage for Focus-WTV in the program "Alles Goed!", which saw over 300.000 families every day in the West Flemish region for a period of one week.

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Client Quotes

“To make the inhabitants of Veurne feel proud of their city! That was our main goal when we were launching our new corporate identity. To get that story into the minds of our inhabitants, we just knew that we had to work with Bypicknick. The team can captivate the essence and translate it into a motion picture-like movie. The use of drones, high quality images, epic music and a great narrator does tell the story. Our movie 'Uitstekend Veurne' is just stunning. Tom Van Rompaey - Head of communication Stad Veurne."