Huyze Velghe

Huyze Velghe - Billboard design & placement agency in Flanders.

Huyze Velghe in Koksijde wanted to immediate impact the brand. Billboard advertising only needs a moment. 

95% of shoppers based their decision to shop at a store on its external experience. An attractive billboard will bring shoppers into your store, increase sales, and establish your brand presence. Using Bypicknick for your billboard planning, placement, and creativity can help literally drive customers to your door.

The branding agency in Belgium for hospitality services.

To follow up we redesigned the Huyze Velghe logo and created fresh icons and digital elements to fully tell the brand story. We used our unique approach to marketing and service advertising to bring Huyze Velghe the results they were looking for.

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Client Quotes

“Wow, I really love the results! Thank you for your swift processing” Aline Velghe, founder Huize Velghe