Boats & Bites

Waterproof marketing strategy and mouth-watering branding for Boats&Bites in Veurne

Boats&Bites are bringing people together to enjoy some of the best regional food and drinks while chatting with friends on the Boats&Bites boats. Start your day with a boat ride! If you love being on the water, then this is the experience you've been waiting for. Step aboard! Boats&Bites Veurne takes you on a journey through Veurne's picturesque waterways. Ideally, we suggest an early morning stop for brunch or lunch. An afternoon boat ride is not complete without tasting some of Veurne's local specialties along the way - from Belgian-made cheese with champagne to coffee with Veurne's local meringue cake.

Build brand foundations with Bypicknick

Responding to the surroundings, we matched the color palette for Boats&Bites, with signage that complements the more industrial aesthetic and provides the perfect complement to their ambitious interior and exterior design scheme.

A new brand identity with brand materials

Boats&Bites was looking to promote the launch of its new concept with offline and online branding. Bypicknick delivered a full brand identity for the Boats&Bites experience together with branding materials such as a multilanguage flyer, doubled as a promotional card, for introduction and creating a multipurpose low-cost solution. Workwear, Beach flags and boat flags, menu cards, postcards, indoor and outdoor storefront stickers, and multiple billboard designs that were branded accordingly.

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Client Quotes

“Absolutely stunning branding! Thanks Bypicknick." Axel Sennesael - Founder Boats&Bites Veurne.